Detox This Holiday Season

Detox This Holiday Season

The holidays are coming and although we love to make merry, sometimes all the stress and preparation, overeating and overindulging throughout the holiday season takes a toll on our body.

One of the newest trends in the detox food and drink market is Chlorophyll. According to research out of Japan, Chlorophyll can help detoxify your system and boost your liver function by more than 90%. Your liver is working overtime when you go out drinking, so adding new products like Chlorophyll Water to your party regime could lessen the hangover potential the day after.

Chlorophyll can help our overtaxed digestive system heal, energize our bodies and minds, and even help us look more rested. During the season of big holiday meals, Chlorophyll can help to control hunger and cravings and help us to feel full longer, so we aren’t as likely to overindulge.

Enjoy one-too-many holiday cocktails? The hydrating and antioxidant healing power of Chlorophyll Water makes it a miraculous recovery remedy for the day after.

New products like Verday Chlorophyll Water make it easy for everyone to experience the detox benefits of Chlorophyll. Verday has 0 Calories, 0 Diet Sweeteners and 0 Preservatives and each bottle of Verday is packed with 100mg of Chlorophyll. So go ahead and enjoy. Happy Holidays!

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