Green Juice v. Green Water

Green Juice v. Green Water

Consumers are constantly seeking new products that allow them to maximize their nutrient intake in the simplest way possible.  The green juice trend has been around for a while now, however, hidden in that seemingly healthy drink is a culprit that can cause weight gain…sugar. 

Many healthy consumers don’t realize that their green juice may be loaded with hidden sugar, calories and carbs. A tall glass of fruit juice can pack around 50 grams of sugar - more than twice the daily recommendation of the American Heart Association for women, and more than a full day's worth for men. And if you’re drinking green smoothies you could be adding even more calories. Using yogurt as a base can add anywhere from 100-250 calories per 8-ounce serving. Using one cup (237 ml) of milk can add 84-150 extra calories. 

A Better Alternative
One of the newest trends in the anti-oxidant food and drink market is green water which contains Chlorophyll.   According to a study in the Journal of Food Science dietary Chlorophyll has powerful antioxidant and cleansing properties making it popular with wellness experts and health conscience consumers.  But did you know that green water can also help with weight loss?

According to research published in Appetite in 2014, when Chlorophyll was added to the diet, not only did it lead to greater weight loss for the period of study, but the longer Chlorophyll remained in the diet, the more that weight loss continued. These researchers also noticed that participants taking Chlorophyll experienced fewer cravings for junk food and lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. That same research group published a similar study in 2013 showing that Chlorophyll helped to make participants feel full. They found that Chlorophyll suppressed the hunger motivation of the women they studied and increased the secretion of a particular hormone that helped to metabolize protein and fat in the body. 

Feeling Full and Eating Less
So on top of a healthy punch of antioxidants, green water is also giving you far less calories than green juice which helps further with weight loss making it the latest trend.  And new to the green water market is Verday. Verday quenches your thirst like water, provides the antioxidant and cleansing benefits of a green juice, and contains 0 calories, 0 artificial sweeteners, 0 preservatives and 0 GMO-ingredients. Available in natural Watermelon, Cucumber and Lemongrass Ginger flavors, each bottle of Verday is packed with 100mg of Chlorophyll; the same amount of Chlorophyll you would find in 2 shots of wheatgrass, 4 cups of spinach, or 12 cups of arugula.

Talk about a one-two punch! For more information about Verday and the benefits of drinking green water, please visit to


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