Your Secret for a Happy Healthy Holiday Detox

Your Secret for a Happy Healthy Holiday Detox

The holidays season is coming and although we love to make merry, sometimes all the stress and preparation, overeating and overindulging throughout the holiday season can a toll on our body.  

Stay Happy Healthy and Detoxed throughout the holidays with Chlorophyll Water.

You may remember from middle school that Chlorophyll is the ‘building block of life’ that allows green plants and leafy vegetables to absorb sunlight and convert it to energy.

The powerful antioxidant and cleansing properties of Chlorophyll have made it a go-to staple for wellness experts looking help heal and detoxify our bodies -- exactly what we need to prepare for.

Chlorophyll can help our overtaxed digestive system heal, energize our bodies and minds, and even help us look more rested. During the season of big holiday meals, Chlorophyll can help to control hunger and cravings and help us to feel full longer, so we aren’t as likely to overindulge

Enjoy one-too-many holiday cocktails? The antioxidant healing power of Chlorophyll Water makes it a miraculous recovery remedy for the day after.

Products like Verday Chlorophyll Water make it easy for everyone to experience the healthy power of Chlorophyll. Available in deliciously refreshing Watermelon, Coconut, Cucumber and Lemongrass Ginger flavors, Verday has 0 Calories, 0 Diet Sweeteners and 0 Preservatives. Each bottle of Verday is packed with 100mg of Chlorophyll. That’s more chlorophyll than you would get from 2 shots of wheatgrass, 4 cups of spinach or 12 cups of arugula. 

Enjoy a Happy Healthy Holiday Detox today! Use the promo code DETOX for 10% off your order of Verday Chlorophyll Water including our $24.99 12 packs of Lemongrass Ginger & Coconut at

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